Bicycle Transfers

We Supply Top Quality Transfers:

We supply an excellent range of bicycle transfers to enhance your contemporary, vintage or classic bicycle. 

Try us first for our latest production methods and superior quality

Unless otherwise stated, all our transfers are printed on best quality thin vinyl film.  Bicycle frame restorers prefer this type of transfer for its superior application and performance.

How To Use Our Website:

We are the only major supplier to show our whole range online so to help you find what you want and order it instantly. 

You can see our Catalogue by clicking HERE or by clicking on the Transfers Catalogue link above.  When you are on the Catalogue page, click on the Manufacturer name you want and a page will open with the available decals for that manufacturer.

There is a thumbnail picture for each bicycle transfer set available.  If it does not give sufficient detail, click on the thumbnail and a larger image will open in a new window.

Our range is increasing every week, so visit us again if you donít see what you want.  If you have a special requirement, let us know what it is and, if possible, we will prioritize its availability, especially if you want a set comprised of different elements of other sets for which we already have the graphics.

How To Buy Our Bicycle Transfers:

All our transfers are priced in GBP (British Pounds Sterling). When you find the transfer set you want, click the ADD TO CART button next to that transfer set. You can then check out right away or continue shopping for more.  You can go back to check out any time by clicking on the VIEW CART button at the top of the right sidebar on most pages.  You can delete items from the Shopping Cart and add different ones at any time.

You can pay using credit / debit card, or your PayPal account if you have one, whichever country you are from.  We ship worldwide, usually within a couple of days of receiving your order.


Many of our transfer sets include a representation of a head badge that you can use to replace a missing headbadge, or, in some cases, an additional seat tube crest that you can use for the same purpose.  Also, where there were different variations on a model, we have sometimes been able to incorporate the alternatives into a set, so you can chose which you want and discard the others.

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